The little butterfly

In this book you can find a new story about friendship from the series: Niki and Jazmin. But this story is special, as it was written by Jazmin - with a little help from Mommy… We hope you like Jazmin's first book.


At the lake

At the lake - tells a story about one of the summer afternoons the girls have spent by the nearby lake. From this story you can learn how the family has built a sandcastle- but not just an ordinary sandcastle, but a real special one with a moat around it, to protects the princess, who lives inside the castle. Naturally the swimming with Mommy and Daddy can’t be missing either, especially after the exhausting construction work :)


Birthday Girls

Niki and Jazmin were counting how many sleeps till their birthday for a long time. Finally the long awaited day has arrived and on a nice December day Niki and Jazmin has turned 3…

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Niki and Jazmin were eagerly waiting for the carnival. Every day they came up with new ideas about what kind of costumes they will have. ..., a ballerina, a clown, a racoon, a princess, perhaps a cat... but out of the the dozen costumes which one they will wear at the carnival? If you would like to know Niki and Jazmin's new story, download this book :) Hope you will enjoy!

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Niki and Jazmin's Christmas

Every child is excited about what they will find under the Christmas tree. Until the arrival of  Christmas Eve there are many interesting things we can do together. Come and spend the Advent season with Niki and Jazmin and see how they are preparing for Christmas and see what they will find under their Christmas tree.

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The toy swing

Niki and Jazmin's book: The toy swing has two stories.

The first story is: In the library. From this story you can learn how to behave in the library, how to borrow a book and of course have fun. You can read how much Niki and Jazmin loves books.

The second story is about making The toy swing. The toy swing is a cute story about two sisters, Niki and Jazmin, who love to swing while holding their favorite toys, but have a big problem! They have trouble holding onto the swing and their toy at the same time, so they keep dropping their toys! Mommy helps them to solve this huge problem. Of course, being sisters, they cannot agree on much, but eventually they come to an agreement and have a lot of fun!

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The Little Patient

This book has 2 new stories about Niki and Jazmin.

The first story is The Little Pink Tub. You can read a short story from Niki and Jazmin’s early childhood how they had they regular evening baths, until one autumn evening Niki made something different and made the whole family laugh.

The second story: The Little Patient is about the Jazmin's ear infection. You can learn how she visited the doctor with Mommy and then the pharmacy. You can see how much Niki worried about Jazmin being sick. But in the end everything turn our to be good and the girls could happily play together after few days.

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This book has again 2 stories about Niki and Jazmin.

The first story: On the playground - is about a lovely autumn day spent on the playground. You can read about how much fun the family had together on the nearby playground.

The second story is Lili. This story is about our nice memories of a summer's day, which Niki and Jazmin spent with Lili. Monika is one of Mommy's childhood friend, with whom they meet unfortunately only during summer times, but in spite of the rare meetings they keep in touch. Monika's daughter, Lili is the same age as Niki and Jazmin, and it's always a great pleasure for the girls to play with Lili. This is a story about a beautiful summer day when the girls and the moms finally met again personally.

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Sweet dreams!

Niki and Jazmin’s new book has two stories.

The title of the first story is: Snowy Adventure. In this story you can read about a pleasant winter day, you can find out how Niki and Jazmin fooled Daddy, how the family went sledging, how Niki and Jazmin climbed up the steep hill and a lot more.

The second story is: Good night! From this story you can learn how Niki and Jazmin are preparing for the bed time. How many good night kisses and how many hugs does it take to get the girls to fall asleep? “Mommy, one more goodnight kiss, please … can you give me one more hug … Mommy, I’m thirsty … Mommy, I can not find Little Cow... Mommy, I can not find Small Giraffe … Mommy, I have to pee … please cover me once more!”  Are these familiar to you too?

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