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The Little Patient


Welcome to Niki & Jazmin

Niki and Jazmin are two little twin girls. Come and meet them via short stories based on real-life events. We believe that these can happen in any kid’s life. Read our stories from our books and play with us in our iPad applications.

From the reviews


"All the pictures in this fantastic storybook app for kids, have been joyfully animated and filled with life..."


Our Story

As a mother of twin girls I felt that it would be such a great gift for my daughters to write children's book about the stories from their life - as a nice memory from their childhood. They very often ask me now - at age 4 - “Mommy, tell us about your childhood, tell us some stories what did you do as a child!” And even though I have a lot of lovely memories I don't remember too much from the times I was in their age. I hope I can help them a little bit with these stories.

Adding a little bit of spice to the stories I also created interactive books and several iPad applications with Niki & Jazmin. I have got a lot of feedback from my kids what they like and what they dislike in certain games. I try to combine those and make the applications for their taste.

I believe that the stories I write and the applications I make can help other kids to learn new things and they might even find some events familiar, similar to their life.

I hope you will enjoy the stories of Niki and Jazmin as much as I was creating those!

~ Tímea Fülöp ~